There was a Stolen Dance… Featuring Aisling and Alchemy from the FGC.


Serving up some savage …. yassss all this from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I mashed up Alchemy and aisling in one outfit, two great designers that can’t be put in words. Go check them out at the FGC which is open as we speak.

❤ enjoy

rideroflion_002_001redo rideroflion_002_002redo

weave:little bones. Lovestruck
Headdress:Alchemy – The Shaman -stag horn crown ((New at the FGC))
Face jewel:.aisling. Khatel eyepearls -Rare((New at the FGC))
Neck:(fd)Bone Choker
Top/skirt:Alchemy – The Shaman((New at the FGC))
Arms:.aisling. Khatel((New at the FGC))
lion:Alchemy – the shaman-regal lion-golden Rare((New at the FGC))


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