Always Looking for Him….. Featuring Items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.


The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is now open!!!


weave:~*Damselfly*~ (Acantha)((New at FGC))
chopsticks:{N} Chopsticks ((New at FGC))
Headpiece:.Keystone. Jewel Rare((New at FGC))
Nose:.Keystone. jewel nosechain Uncommon((New at FGC))
Katana:[BODY FACTORY] Kombat Katana
Necklace:Zibska [Promo] ~ Alivia
Belt:.Keystone. jewel belt common((New at FGC))
bodypaint: Ghost’Ink Tattoo :: Eldir :: Red – RARE((New at FGC))
shoes:[CX] Sasu Geta Short (Red)

.Keystone. Jewel Gacha Key fantasy-gacha-carnival-logo-new

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