Ride or Die…..Featuring Items from The New upcoming Round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival and We <3 rp.


Yes you see it right, there is a new round of the fantasy gacha carnival coming up this month. Opening May 12th …. yes you will have your fill. The theme of this round is Goth, Demon, Elf, Black Caste, and Urt. They also have created a new trading group for when the event opens to everyone, where all the trading will be taking place for the gacha items.



weave:~Tableau Vivant~ Cersei ((we ❤ rp))
horns:FDD Stories *Amaelle* Rare((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
crown:.Keystone. Eretha ((we ❤ rp))
Fur:Luas Eowyn Scarfs RARE ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
belt:Luas Eowyn Belt RARE ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
dress:FDD Stories *Amaelle* Ultra rare((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
skirt:FDD Stories *Amaelle* fitted skirt veil ultra rare((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Boots:FDD Stories *Amaelle* fitted boots Ultra rare((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Bracers:[The Forge] Plaid Bracers (Gold)((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
staff:.a. The Hierophant {Staff}((we ❤ rp))


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