Covered By the Blood featuring OrsiniRed and Keystone.


Sorry for the delay in posts but I have been a bit busy with school and such that I have had much time to blog but doesn’t mean I am not going to do it just might not be right away. Since I do love  doing it so much but some Items I am sporting is from the mystic Faire that is going on the moment and also the TTS as I am sure all you know. First Item I am featuring is the outfit from OrsiniRed …. the skirt very beautiful and flowy that accented the whole call to queen. just as well as the crown that is being sold only at the Mystic Faire for your pleasure. I also masked together some items from Keystone. I always enjoy her things …… she now has some arm jewels that I thought fitted well with the orsini outfit. the cuffs are only at Mystic Faire as well. Also another item that I cant forget is keystone’s headband ….. from the TTS. she is well-known for her items for the hair and head jewels so this isn’t no shocker that she pulled this off.

please check out the items at the location I provided …. I have more stuff to come in more upcoming post.

queen1_001redo topshelf-logo master logo OrsiniRed

weave:*booN MMK375 hair
Crown:OrsiniRed Give Me Love(( Mystic Realm Faire))
Headpiece:.Keystone. Victoria((TTS))
Top and Skirt:OrsiniRed Give Me Love(( Mystic Realm Faire))
Arm Cuffs:.Keystone. Anike (( Mystic Realm Faire))
Body Chain:.Things. – Chain it out Bodychain
body Paint:+Nuuna+ Meta makeups
Nose chain:.Keystone. Whyt

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