A Fire lit with-in… featuring The forge and Items from Room69.



Yes I am back at it again was trying to give myself a lil break for a moment but of course I couldn’t stay away from serving up all this to you on a daily. Featuring a couple of things this one, starting with the tip-off sexy harness from the forge only at the new round of the uber,the theme is 50 shades of gray …. yes it is open now so please go check it out. It’s also a set …… so it comes with a pair of shoes plus the cute black bracers …. you can’t get better than that. Thank you Deccan. Next I am part of new event called room69 ….. well its new to me but I love it, very cute stuff at low price. sporting the tattoo, [kharma]only from the event itself . it is an exclusive item so don’t miss out. Also they have home items for the low just like that nice looking candle I am posing next too ……. please check it  out.





bdsm_001redo bdsm_002redo

weave:Blues. Crystal
headband:..Keystone. A’ne – Box
Nose:.Keystone. Whyt
tattoo:[K]- Amulet 2 tattoo ((exclusive for Room69))
Harness/bracers:[The Forge] Kink Harness Set
Nipples:~Soedara~ Here Comes Wicked Of the Dark
Feet:.Keystone. Toe Wraps – SLINK MID!
Candle: Ravenghost Interiors_Room69_

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