Apocalypse Thot. Featuring BadUnicorn Clothing



 Straying away from the 24 squared for a bit. And just doing one of my post that’s out there among the cray cray ones. I only going to Feature one item in this one. I have on a shit ton of stuff right now but the thing I am feeling is my face paint by badunicorn…. yea that’s his name. The store is known as Badunicorn Clothing or better known as [BUC]. The one I am wearing is the Captain (red and black). There is plenty of different kinds other than the one I have on , so if you want to see more please get your ass up and tp over to his store to check it out.

I like unicorns.

And mermaids. XD

crazyworld_004redo crazyworld_003redo crazyworld_002redo



weave/hat:Eaters Coma – HAIR 31
Face: [BUC] War Face Paint
piercing:-SU!- Bonny Piercing INK
lips:NOX. Narcissus Lip
Tattoo:dl:: After the Battle Tattoo
Armor set:[The Forge] Valkyrie Armour((New at we ❤ rp))
chest Belt:dl:: Ammunition Chest Belt
upper right arm:dl:: Cigarets Arm Strap.
Gloves:.: TAOX :. TaTToo Applier // Fishnet
Waist Shirt:AMITOMO.Waist Shirt
guns:dl:: Gun Holster total
shoes:erratic / valena – gladiator sandals((uber event))
weapon:[EZ] Izo Katana

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