Walking the fine line. Featuring VERO MODERO and [Z O O M]



spoiler Alert!! The 24 squared will be closing on sunday so if you havent went please make sure you get your cute asses over there …. after you are done looking at my blog. Featured Items are my wicked sexy dress by Bouquet Babii of VERO MODERO Fashion. loving the panel in the front of the dress …. gives the dress a more couture look. This only at the 24 so this should be a reason why I should see you there. Just as well as these sunglasses I am sporting . Accessories  are always hard to come by … just as a good pair of shades to fit your outfit but these helped out a lot. Making the dress more than it was … and the dress was already a lot but yea the sunglasses helped. These to are at the 24 and is by Jonas Acanthus of  [Z O O M] .

air_003redo air_004redo air_005redo


weave:*Soonsiki~ Quest ((we ❤ rp))
Necklace//earrings:[MANDALA]Odyssey-Jewelry set-Zeus(Gold&Silver)
Glasses:[Z O O M] Narin Sunglass
Dress:[VM] VERO MODERO / The24 Dress Fly
Shoes:[Co57] Eve Rope Sandal

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