Every Strap Can be Tighter. Featuring Brii Underground Wear and Frakture Poses



So tomorrow on the 5th, the event I have been blogging for my last six post will be starting. Dont forget that everything is limited edition and once sold out there will be no more. you know how that goes. There will also be fashion shows sporting the items I have blogged plus more.Now, to the real thing, This outfit didn’t take much to put together since it came with everything. Top, skirt, shoes, bracelets. Wasnt that easy. It is by brianna passiflora of Brii Underground Wear. This outfit and the high heels reminded me of a dominatrix type thing …. I mean don’t you see it. lol But I loved it … it was well made and me not having to do much to put it together sounds really good to me. But please don’t miss out on this event … it wont be going on for to long. Don’t forget to check out bri’s store on the flip side .

Also I got some new poses from FP or Frakture Poses. check them out …. they have awesome group gifts that you can’t get from nowhere else. He also does some great couple poses if you are photographer then you would love this store. I have plenty of more things coming from this place in the future but don’t wait for me to blog it check out the store. XD

The 24

What will you find?

domdom_004redo domdom_005redo


weave:TRUTH HAIR Rogue
Headpiece:.Keystone. Fae’Leth Headpiece(( New at we ❤ rp))
Make-up:NOX. Andromeda
Nose:.Pekka. Nose Swirl
Earrings:[Modern.Couture] Jewelry -Ogaspe
tattoo:*inkies* starskulls tattoo

Poses : Radiant Female by Frakture poses

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