No Place I Rather Be… Featuring Blacklace from the 24.



That didn’t take long did it ? lol I am excited about this event I am loving the outfits so far. Lets hop right into it , my featuring Items are those shorts and too cute top that matches it. Designer name mariska simons of Blacklace, Top and shorts sold separately among many other fall and summer colors. My choice of color was this brown and rust mix ….my favorite part of the whole outfit is these shorts… she made them quite well. love them. This is of course only at the 24 event that starts on the 5th of next month. Dont forget that these products are limited editions , so yes be sure to go and check it out. But, while you wait, go check out Blacklace’s Mainstore. I am sure you will some thing that you must have.


LM soon to come.


gold_005redo Brandy-&-Brooke-Main-Add

The 24 Squared Logo

weave:HOMAGE — Behind The Wheel
Hat:LaGyo_Yolanda hat
Earrings/face chain:LaGyo_Malika decor mask
Necklace:LaGyo_Malika statement necklace
Lips:NOX. Dolly Lips
bangles :[The Forge] Tri Bangles
clutch:LaGyo_Malika clutch
Ring:LaGyo_Malika triple ring
Top:~Blacklace~ Brooke: Fall Shades Bustier
Shorts/belt:Brandy: Sepia Set
Shoes:RO – Phalanx Wedges

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