Goddess of Death and Time.



sup, I am going to get right to it cause I need to head to bed soon but I wanted to post out about my featured Item. If you could only look at the pictures and try to figure it out what it is lol. Yes it is these cool ass mesh arms. I thought they were just to cool ….. I mean someone who thinks of making something like this deserves an award. Great for pictures as you can , the first thing I thought of was Kali…. if you don’t know what that is it is one of the wicked looking goddesses of Hinduism. Mines was a bit on the softer side of her but she was of course a bad ass being the god of death and time. I so did enjoy my cultural religion class … gave me great insight on things. But back to the post ….. these mesh arms are by princessaii. I know you weren’t thinking of no one else …. she is of course the only one who could pull this off. And yes these areĀ available at her store The ugly and The beautiful. check it out

Also check out the La’ Metallique…. alot of cute accessories that are to die for …. like that necklace and crown I got on. Loved it

arms_005redo arms_004redo

weave:~Tableau Vivant~ Legend Hair – Persephone
Eyes:{S0NG} :: Bright Eyes
Crown:ieQED burst.metal.crown
forehead:Nox. Third Eye
Eye Make up:NOX. Manic Shadow
Necklace/bracelets:GizzA – Chained Treasure Set
Tattoos:InfecteD – Soul Tattoo
body chain:SB :: Orion Goddess Bodychain
skirt:Paperbag. Goddess Skirt
Arms:+ Kali Exra Arms Pack + {aii}


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