Drink Dracula… Featuring Peqe from TTS.


So, I went to the movies and was a bit inspired when I seen the trailer for the new up coming movie called Dracula Untold. Yea I am vampire fan and it looks something bad ass. I was always a dracula fan, read the book and watched other movies based on it and I love it. It is coming out in October … yes just in time for Halloween. Here is a link to the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

Dracula Untold

But Anyways, I have my vamp outfit on, featuring the shrug by peqe. You can’t tell me this wasn’t a call of Transylvania, The collar itself is what pulled me in more into the idea. so yea I loved the outcome of it. she did a great job making this and always do in her other items. This isn’t in the store as of right now but at the Totally Top shelf Event , it is still going on so don’t miss out on this one. I didn’t want to put this shrug with just anything so I found this really sexy nightie gown by a store called vogue. I honestly just stumbled on it when I was checking out the store for other reasons lol. I thought it was really sexy looking with the see through bottom and all. This store has my approval.


Eyes:{S0NG} :: Bright Eyes ((TTS))
crown:~Tableau Vivant~ Legend Hair – Persephone ((C88))
Eye make-up:MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series
lips:NOX. Witchy Lip [Devil]
blood: corvus bloody mouth
choker :.random.Matter. – Bella Donna Choker((TTS))
Neck piece: .Shi : EVRA Neckpiece
Shrug:Peqe – Lady’s Shrug((TTS))
Gown:*VoguE Boudoir* Nicoe Nightie Gown
Shoes:Pure Poison – Black Goddess Sandals((C88))

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