Take all of me.



OH Hi! Back again and with more new and great finds. I am still reppin the totally top shelf event to the fullest.Some items that I am wearing is from the event of course , so act like you know. First up, Keystone’s other item that she placed in the event. A great head piece …..no lie, you can stick her stuff in all your outfits and never go wrong. Love it and go check out her new store … she will be having some hot stuff coming out soon so be there or be a derp. Okay and this body paint is boss. I always have an issue with having to look for some great body paint for outfits so this was on command. It is by Munereia… different styles of course not all are the same and yes you can tint them to any color. But this isnt in the store just yet but at the TTS event. great round … GET there.

Then I got some forge Items to spit about. Chest plate in gold is so cute ….I adore it. Probably because it looked more like a necklace but it was still cute. It is only at the fantasy Gacha carnival. He always does fine work so this wasnt a shocker. Also the little thing inching up my co co is a loin cloth!! I really enjoyed this piece…. it had a touch of red and it was totally different. This Item is only at the we ❤ rp event , so help him out and go out and support him. He deserves it. 

hope you like…. if you dont….. fuck you XD







weave: ~Tableau Vivant~Nyoki Hair – Fall
Eyes:{S0NG} :: Bright Eyes 
headpiece:[Keystone] Hexi 
face Make-up:NOX. Orithyia [Red]
Face chain:G.ID Najah Chains
Tattoo:Munereia – ELEMENTAIRE – FIRE
Necklace:[The Forge] plate chest armor((gold)) Rare
Shoulder::[The Forge] flower pauldron 
Corset:ISON – geometric corset 
stole:*T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole 
Bottoms:[The Forge] Loin Cloth
Shoes:Pure Poison -Gold Goddess Sandals
sword:[EZ] Izo Katana 

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