Doesn’t Look a Thing Like Jesus , But I Talk Like a Gentle Soul.



Summer time is just about over so let me leave you with a good taste in your mouth. It is all about this dress, I am in love with it. The color screams summer and beauty from the seams. It is by FDD and only available at the Totally top self Event that has started and is doing quite well. Please go pick this dress up, you free women of gor would love this … hell I am not even in gor no more I am walking around with it on like I got some where to go! As well, the necklace and wand  are there as well but in a gacha. Keystone always did a great job as well there …but then again thats nothing new, ole girl be on her shit 24/7 she never disappoint me . The head-piece comes in different colors . From having no chains if you wish to having them as I have in the pictures. You can’t go wrong with this item. And next, I have to say something about the c88 event ………… it is on point this round. I spent a good 6k at the event ,and it’s because I couldn’t help myself. The hair and horns is from there. I love long hair , and I mean really long hair so this was right up my ally. Hair is made by Olive and horns are by Half Deer. love love love love

hope you do too. check out the stores and Events when you get a chance. XD


eve_006redo eve_004redo eve_005redotopshelf-logo


weave:.Olive. the Darla Hair ((c88))
Eyes:{S0NG} :: Bright Eyes ((TTS))
horns:+Half-Deer+ Odyssey Horns((c88))
Facechain:[Keystone] Sonnat ((TTS))
Eye Make-up:NOX. Manic Shadow
Necklace: FDD GS *Mei* amulet((TTS))
Dress/sleeves:FDD GS *Mei*((TTS))
Hands:*OAL* Mecca Hand
Nose:LaGyo_Metis septum ring Gold((C88))



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