The keeper of Odin’s Hammer.



I got that good good for you today. Nothing but good good items of course, not the actual good good lol. But, lets get down to it right away. I have a few featured items for this one , first off it’s the Beautiful veil from Bliensen + MaiTai. Very elegant piece to place on the face that gives the outfit a oh! feel. yea all of that. It is only able to be purchased at the TTS event ((totally top shelf)). This I think as well would be a finisher to alot of dresses that are worn by the free women of gor aka hookers of gor. XD Then there was the dress by my girl who owns Yasum. I was going to play it safe by doing one color on the dress but why ?….. I cant always walk around with a condom on, ya know. I went in raw with no mercy and so did azlyn with this dress. It comes with a mega hud so you can mismatch as you like. And no this is not at the store, but at an event called District 5. Go there and treat yourself. To finish the look off , why not a weapon.And who do I always run to when it calls for a bad ass weapon and he just always delivers. [EZ] ! Yea I am loving this hammer that deccan came up with. It is at we ❤ rp with 33% off. And also , that chest armor by Enfant Terrible, which is as well at we ❤ rp. Go look  and BUY. she did a great job and deserves your lindens lol

Enjoy you mermaids.

raven_005topshelf-logo Bliensen - Cascada - Veil - gold & silver Ad District 5 Flyer 2014


weave:*Milk* Hair! The Top Knot
Eyes:{S0NG} :: Bright Eyes
Veil:Bliensen + MaiTai – cascade veil
Armor:.Enfant Terrible. Caelens Armor White
stole:*T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole
Dress:Yasum*MESH*Indie Cutie*
socks:.Shi : BAROQUE \ Heel Socks
Hands:. aisling . Darshana Hand Jewelry
Weapon:[EZ] Odin’s Hammer

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