Poseidon’s Forbidden Mistress.




No more teaser, This is all in boo. I serving you some more TTS on a silver platter and yes , it’s all good. I am working this dress plus more items. I love this dress to death , I was waiting on the edge of my seat for some one to send me out a beautiful and yes they delivered. Dress is by Murdock, lovely form and beautifully textured. I love love loved it to pieces it is a definitely must have and is only sold at The next round of the TTS on the 9th. O yea and that head-piece badass head-piece …. comes with it!….. Mhm , I know right. Make sure you be there and Check it out. And also don’t forget to check out the store itself on Marketplace , I of course provided a link. You will be happy you did. The barbie doesn’t steer you wrong -_-.

Also adding , I felt as tho that snake by Swagga went very well with it. the colors merged so good that I couldn’t leave it out of the outfit. IT HAD A PURPOSE. I am loving the snake thing that this designer is offering up, so exotic and sexy. And if you are wondering, then yes it is also at TTS. Make sure you be there…. or be cut off!

Make sure as well you have a look at the eyes I am offering also only at TTS. Called bright Eyes …….I think these actually just replaced my old eyes. A big thank you to Essences for that one. Be sure to as well check the store out as well. They offer some very appealing makeups other than eyes. Cause you know eyes are the windows to the soul ………. -_- yea that was lame.



water_006redowater_002redo water_003redo
 {S0NG} Bright Eyes Ad topshelf-logo


weave:AD – ever – dark reds
Eyes:{S0NG} :: Bright Eyes ((TTS))
Snake:[SWaGGa] Elemental Snake Type 4 ((TTS))
scarf:.Olive. the Borrowed S
Headpiece/Dress:… ][Murdock !nc.][ …((TTS))
Cuffs:*OAL* Goddess Cuffs
Staff:::B&C:: Elementalist Staff ((TTS))
some poses://elephante poses// Feel The Magic ((we ❤ rp))
face:+Nuuna+ Ku-My Makeups

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