Aint Nothing to cut that Bitch Off.


I am turning up the volume when you speak , cause all you need to hear about is the Totally Top Shelf Event. Yes , it is a new round and it is very near. Starting on the 9th all this goodness will be able to be yours, mhm. The theme for this round is  earth, water and fire((the elements)).Lets point out some key points here. we have snakes and beautiful Eyes and a kick ass sword. these items are available at the TTS event so don’t miss out , plus this is only a teaser for there is more to come . I didn’t want to hit yall all at once have you all coughing up blood and shit cause it was just too much to handle. lol

And to add, my girl hatili hooked me up with an awesome outfit. I can’t never leave her out of my closet. The outfit includes the head-piece I am sporting and the bodysuit right along with the flowers and wrist bands. O yea and this only available at the we ❤ rp round that is starting today ((the 5th)). Don’t miss out !

whos Hot!? whos Not!?

sitinmychair_003redo sitinmychair_002redo
Swords of the elements ~ Fire topshelf-logoOrsiniRed Kiss In The Rain Outfit Noir_ Blush

14638433757_8db2ee1e47_o{S0NG} Bright Eyes Ad


weave:*booN KGI848 hair red/pink/green
Eyes:{S0NG} :: Bright Eyes(( TTS))
Snake:[SWaGGa] Elemental Snake Type 1((TTS))
Boa:::: B@R ::: Tricia
outfit/headpiece:OrsiniRed Kiss In The Rain Noir/ Blush((we ❤ rp ))
shoes:[whatever] Gladiator Harness – black,[whatever] Gladiator Shoe – black
sword:Sword of the elements ~ Siren’s call, fire((TTS))

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