I Came to Lay Claim to this City.


Catching Ideas when they fall from the sky isn’t easy …… it only storms so offered and they start flowing in to where you over flooded with shit running through your head.But good thing do become them. This post, I was offering up my dark side … I loved doing the look and enjoyed all the items I worked with in this one. The Hair I am sporting is by Yasum and it is part of the next round of fantasy gacha. Yes Folks it’s that time again …. for you to upload as much money as you can and spend it there …. then walk away …… broke! lmfao. They are called the cyber dreads …. the epic is holding the mega hud. And who doesn’t want to buy more hair …… this I know is going to be a big seller since … it’s the hair you must have for the certain look. And yes , it is unisex … she didn’t want the men feeling so left out this round Love them!!

Of course you have heard through other blogs that the secret Affair is going on , it’s definitely worth going to. DRD and Pixicat was fav there. sexy ass chest and shoulder armor is DRD…. their stuff is always boss. It is the reason why this post came along … it inspired me if you want to say that. Then there were the shoes, by pixiCat. I don’t know what to say but ….. even since I found out about this store ….all her stuff has been on point from beginning to end. Boo does her thing, no lie.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Bring the Noize bitch…..Freedom.

And make sure you tell me Happy Birthday!!

claim_002redo claim_003redo



Weave: Yasum *Mesh* Cyber Dreads*Epic ((Fantasy Gacha Upcoming round))

Horns: Ariska (faun) limited collections  ((Limited project))

Face tattoo: Riske- tessellate tattoo v1((Limited project))

Necklace: shi Gift: Ravel fabric Necklace

Shoulder and breast Armor: DRD-brynhild Armor((Secret Affair ))

Tattoo: letis Tattoo, Passion MM931

Hands: Pfc~gauntlet

Shorts: Yasum*Mesh* Army shot*

Weapons: EZ crossbow

Stocking: Ripped thigh high set

Shoes : -pixicat- Royal shoe((Secret Affair ))

Wings: glam affair- Essential Wings

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