Would Have Never Thought.

maid_002 - redo


I am doing my cleaning services ……o.0 lol. This is a Month of games inspired outfit of course ….. And most i tell you the game …. Clue, duh. And yes the maid did do it … All of it. I thought it was rather cute. Not to sexy but very deadly looking … the blood gave it the easy killer look. But the maid costume  is by vengeful Threads. And only Available at The month of games Event. Also I am sporting a lil somin somin from the hair fair….. Omgawd I was in heaven of hair. I spent plenty and that was only in 2 sims -_-. This hair is by Fiore. Loving the bob ….short hair always did look good on me.

maid_001 - redomaid_003redomaid_003redo

weave:.: fiore :. ALANNA Hair ((Hair Fair))
Outfit:Vengeful Threads – Evil Maid ((MOG))
Earrings:[ glow ] studio – Pearl Dark Studs
Shoes:CGG boston Black stilettos


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