The sweetest Game ever played.


New from The Month of games event. I am serving up the sweet side of  sexy and cute mixed together. I could have went many ways with this outfit but the only way I could do was the cuteness flushed with sweetness …. the total opposite of me. -_-…. Dont forget these games began on the 12th of this month and I will be bringing you more info in the next post. The candy outfit is of course by !Lyrical B!zarre…. take a trip to the store and check out the stuff. I loved it… so I know you will.

Enjoy !!

candygirl_004redo candygirl_005redo

weave:+Spellbound+ Morrigan
antlers:TBF Pink Antlers With Cupcakes
Outfit/rings:!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! – Whiteout((Only at The Month of Games))
Shoes:*cashmere* Heartofglass platform
Mouth: ( sugar heart) Messy mouth

The Month of Games Logo


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