In the Lonely Hour.


Love me? ……. I know you do. Only because I am offering you nothing great outfits and good info on where to find the hottest of the hotness. So coming from the We ❤ rp Event , New round of course , cute things to throw your outfits for the loop you are trying to take …. Aisling has beautiful hand jewel gloves that had one of those massive huds that allows you yo change bits and parts of them …. Amazing and I love them … sold at we ❤ rp. Then the wooden platform shoes that I am sporting as well …. this is actually where the idea of a pani geisha girl. They are super cute …… add them to the list. Keystone also offered me something  to talk about … well actually three things ….she has up three items… or head pieces .. I was of course wearing one but purchased all of them. But My Main featured Item was the dress I wore by Soedara… I don’t know how new it is … but I loved it ….When I spotted it, the ideas definitely started to rise and surface to something sexy. Thank you  Marbella (marbella.pronovost). 🙂

Enjoy and check out the event and stores that I offered up



weave:*Milk* Hair~ Oriental Buns
Headpiece:[Keystone] Vynna Headpiece
Body Chain:*May’s Soul* Lumier chain((Fantasy Room))
Dress:~Soedara~ Natsumi Girl
Katana:[EZ] Izo Katana
Hagoromo:+ Hagoromo Pack + {aii}
Hand gloves :. aisling . Darshana Hand Jewelry
Shoes:{Wooden platforms~blood} slinkH .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.

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