The Roots of my Tree.


Been a bit busy lately with rl but of course I wanted to get me a post out and not leave my peeps hanging and stuff cause of course …. I love you all or at least I have to act like it. lol…. But putting together something beautiful that I was feeling for a while wasnt easy … I was actually thinking hard on how i wanted to present this ….. it had a type of African flare to it and I was feeling some type of way about it. 🙂 So the skirt came from c88 … I also purchased other colors … and some other goodies from c88 …. it’s a great round. Make sure you make it there to get you something as well.

And I hope you all enjoy the outfit.

Oh and yea , These Hoes Aint loyal.

africanqueen_002redo africanqueen_003redo africanqueen_004redo


Head:22769 ~ [femme] The Badu
Earrings:~Soedara~ Asian Coin Girl Earring
hair Base:ILLMATIC :: Smoothed Baby Hairs
Face Chain:G.ID Najah Chains
Collar:oOXA CollarsOo Nubian Princess
Tunic:[The Forge] Chain Tunic
bangles:[The Forge] Gem Bangles
skirt:Tee*fy Layla Wrapped Skirt
legs :~Soedara~ Dirty Legs
Tattoo:Ultima White
back:*May’s Soul* Mishima
snake:Serpent by Diesel Works

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