I Follow Rivers.



umm Hi. So I know you might be tired of hearing about this event and some others with all the blog post going out about it and shit but …. Do I care …… Nope! lol …. Look at boo looking like Miss Mother Nature, Mhm. I pulled pieces from different places …. for starters the to cute two piece from orsini Red … available at the New round of the Fantasy Room and comes in two other colors. Thank you Miss Hatili … Muah! Next that cute lil head-piece and I am always a fan of a well crafted pair of wings …. these pairs are by Zyn and they will only be available at Totally Top shelf  starting JUNE 13TH plus that cute headband from Keystone … a something something  for the gacha lovers .. that love to get got !! lol… Yes only Three more days People!!!.. K umm I am also sporting that cute hair due from We ❤ rp ….it’s so me …. bad ass +cute=fuckable . Milk is the store and is only at the event right now. O plus that boss ass staff……that is also at we ❤ rp …. love it.

And I will follow him.

❤ my Mermaids




praise_003redopraise_002redo praise_004redo


Weave: *Milk* Hair~ Bang! Bang! *Reds*((we ❤ rp))
Headpiece:ZYN- Woodland Headdress((TTS))
Headband:[Keystone] Aegle ((TTS))
Shoulders:ieQED stag.pauldron.gold((we ❤ rp))
Collar:oOXA CollarsOo Nubian Princess
Wings:ZYN-Woodland tree Wings((TTS))
Top and panties:OrsiniRed Breathe Me((Fantasy Room))
Arms, Legs and Thigh:[The Forge] Lorien Bracer Set
Shoes:ieQED rose.sandal.orange:
Staff:. aisling . Enzeld Staff((we ❤ rp))

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