Don’t Kill Over Spilled Wine!


Hi!!! lol okay in this post, I am serving gladiator realness all up in yo Face!!! Such cute outfit from Luas that will only be available at Totally Top Shelf Event Of course. Comes with the collar and headpiece and Bracers and of course the corset , Also is sold in other colors like black and a pretty blue. June 13th is the start of the event . The building I am posing on and such is Isidoros Crepidoma by frogstar very roman like and greek like , lovin it !!  Its alot of goodness coming to you at the this Event , I’am proud to be a blogger for it. XD

❤ your faces!!

glad_002redo glad_003redo glad_004redo glad_005redo


Weave: [taketomi]_Quele_Reds
Headpiece/Bracers/Collar/Corset:LUAS ZYRA BROWN ( New  at TTS))
Pauldrons:*May’s Soul” Goblin pauldrons
Belt:* May’s Soul* Musa belt gold brown
Legs:*May’s Soul” Goblin protector
Sword:[EZ] Rancor Sword
blowdart:[EZ] Irdu Blowdart
Ankles :[Keystone] Grecian Slave Ropes((New at  TTS))

Furniture:Kei’s Dioynisian Feasting Set((New At TTS))

Building: Isidoros Crepidoma by frogstar((New At TTS))


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