Easy Way to Totally Top Shelf. <3


Nothing but Newness coming your way from this post. First off we got an New Event coming up…. yes another Event to make you go broke once again!! Totally Top Shelf , is the name and it is a bi-monthly Event of course , This round begins on June 13th And I will expect to see all of you there making it rain for the awesome Designers That they have. First featured Item is of course My new skin that I am wearing ….I usually have a tight grip on my glance skin but I am feeling this new skin by yasum , A line called Rayma skins. The skin itself is called Gizmolino and will only be sold at TTS . Different shades that will be available is down below. She did a great job to where I am going to wear as my “full- time skin”. lol Next is the beautiful Furniture I am standing and posing on , since I am all in to my roman roleplay this is such up my alley . It is by Kei-spot, Sofa , rug, table and vase will be sold at TTS. And yes ….. there is poses in the rug and sofa with an add of the items giving you props to go along with your roleplay !! << Love it! Then to finish off , I love this Hagoromo , preferably to be worn with komonos but whats better than wearing it naked !! very beautiful and nice texture by Princessaii of The ugly and Beautiful. This is sold in store and comes in many other colors … one I am wearing is gold.

But other than that . Enjoy and stay sexy my little mermaids of the World !!
lectus_005redolectus_001redo lectus_006redo             lectus_011skinlectus_013skin  lectus_008skinlectus_009skinlectus_012skin

                   Milk- Gizmolino>>>>>Porcelan-Gismolino>>>>Caramel-Gizimolino>>>Latte-Gizmolino>>>>>Mocca-Gizmolino



Weave: Moon{Hair}. Daydream
Skin:Ramya*Gizmolino*CARAMEL ((only At TTS starting June 13th))
Body Chain:SB :: Orion Goddess Bodychain – Gold
shawl: + Hagoromo Pack + {aii}

Furniture:Kei’s Dioynisian Feasting Set
Couch: Kei’s Dioynisian Feasting Couch (singles & couples)
Rug:Kei’s Dioynisian Feasting Rug (couples & mff)
Table:Kei’s Dioynisian Feasting Table & Amphora with Fan (singles)

Sold separately only at TTS.

Kei's Dionysian Feasting Table & Amphora (blue) - BoxedPIC Kei's Dionysian Feasting Rug (blue) - BoxedPIC Kei's Dionysian Feasting Couch (blue) - BoxedPIC


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