Bitch, Who do you love ?!


Believe this. Live this. Breath all of this goodness. .Shi Has an awesome group gift out ….. she really should have sold this cause like the rest of her things cause she trying to spoil us with this one …. the Cardigan and Necklace is just too much for me …. I went to go buy something else to blog and ended up blogging the damn group gift …. Damn girl … I love you. lol Comes with a hud that you can change it to plenty of other colors right along the Fabric Necklace. Drools…………K umm next ….okay honestly I cant talk about all this stuff cause it will be too much to type ….and I am not trying to bore you to death so let me sum it up ……. Hair=da shit ……High waisted shorts from C88+ those Co 57 shoes =umm you wanna lick?!…. Head piece from OrsiniRed((we<3 rp))/Grimes Glasses from The Dark style Fair= Boy stop!! I would run your blood pressure up! …… Add up the math and you tell me if this is an outfit worth buying.



Weave:ILLMATIC :: Emora
Head piece:OrsiniRed Dear Noah Headress Noir((We ❤ rp))
Glasses:.random.Matter. – Grimes Glasses – Black (( Dark style Fair ))
Cardigan/Necklace:.Shi Gift : Ravel Drape Cardigan & Fabric Necklace((Go get it!))
Shorts:(Milk Motion) navy pin up shorts ((C88))
Stockings:Punked Stockings Sgt
Shoes:[Co57] Solange Sandal Noir

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