Heaven Couldn’t Wait for You.


Yea, I felt some type of way when I did this post. It was time to let go and when I did …… I did, even when it was the hardest thing that I could ever do. The love is still there and it Always will be….. No matter what.

Change is good.

And happiness is there.

Other then my emotional toll lol…… I place together some just simple that I would have rocked if I was still in gor as a slave. The shoulder piece is too cute and it was something I havent seen before, so it was a must-blog.  From [AD] Creations Doll House… very different and because it is , I liked it!….Also adding in the On A Lark camisk …. too cute for words hehe.

couldnt_001redocouldnt_002redoweave:ILLMATIC :: Kawaii Kawaii – Fenty
Collar:oOXA CollarsOo Nubian Princess
Camisk:*OAL* Marley
Bracers:*OAL* Xan Bracers ~ Black
Shoulders:[AD] Combat angels unisex
Feet:[Keystone] Bound Feet

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