Trying to Find The In-Between.



Nothing much to say about this …… Fantasy Gacha and We ‚̧ rp Event Items… A little mash up together.

Enjoy Groupies.



weave:MINA – Mientje – Essentials ((w<3rp))
Face Art:[The Forge] Face Art ….[The Forge] Fajazzle((w<3rp))
Halo: Axix Maev Halo rare ((FGC))
Collar :[The Forge] Rose Chain Rare((FGC))
Top and panties :!gO! Elora lingerie((w<3rp))
Bracelets:.random.Matter. – Wysteria Cuffs ((w<3rp))
Hands:.aisling. LadyOfHighgarden – Hands
Dagger:[The Forge] Leg dagger ((FGC))
Legs:*May’s Spul* Zinga jewelry brown gold((w<3rp))
Sandals :Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals

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