What Kind of Fantasy is That!? A spoon full of The Fantasy Gacha.


I got a lil something  something from the upcoming fantasy Gacha starting on May 1st From Yasum. And yes you will have to get your lindens straight and prey you get the rares and the Epics. Yasum is doing her thing with the wings and collar and sandals in this round with the Fantasy Gacha Fair. They come in many colors like pink and blue, something I am not use to seeing that comes from yasum but home girl knows what she is doing and yes the pink is actually cute . lol

Please set the gacha starting May 1st as the destination to be at when it opens.

Good luck my groupies and Enjoy.

whatkind_001redowhatkind_003redo whatkind_004redo whatkind_005redo


weave:*booN KGI848 hair
Shades :.:villena:. – Double frame round glasses
Holster:[whatever] Gun Holster
panties:[whatever] low thong
Belt:* May’s Soul* Musa belt
Sleeves:.Enfant Terrible. Phyllidas
Weapon:[EZ] Izo Katana
Wings, Collar and Eyes:Yasum*MESH*SteamWings*EPIC (( Only at the Fantasy Gacha Fair ))
Sandals:Yasum*MESH*SteamSandals*EPIC*SNOW*boxed*copy(( Only at the Fantasy Gacha Fair ))


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