Don’t Tell me my Business, Bitch!


Okay , I am not going to blap on about this but I do got you good one to check out. This is a lil something out of Fantasy I do but its a hot number so I don’t mind stepping out of my element. Reppin Undone once again in this post , The dress is of course the featured Item . I love it …. and yes it comes with a hud for those of us who hate buying multiple colors when you really like something. She doing a good job with the new store  …. Keep it up girl.And yes I do have to mention these shoes …..the shoes is what topped it off … coming from Co57 … and they come in many other colors beyond of what you can think of… must have item of the Day ..fosho.

Enjoy my closet. ❤

divadarkness_002redo divadarkness_003redo



weave:+Spellbound+ Forgotten
crown and umbrella:#He La# Rusty set ((The limited))
Collar:oOXA CollarsOo Nubian Princess
Dress:UnDone*MESH*Steampunk Dress
Pipe:dl:: Dirtygirls Pipe

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