Why do you Love me ?

rosebyname_001redo rosebyname_005redo

This is a new release from silkworms, new and I mean very new item from trippy. She worked her ass on this one big time and I know its going to be a big seller among Gor and other Roleplays. And yes you see correctly in the pictures , you can wear it with your lolas ladies and It is MESH!! The appliers thing is great but its nothing like wearing mesh over these bad boys. And for those who don’t have lolas or is on strike against them lol then you can also wear it as well. You might have to adjust your breast but not too much but it well worth it for looking like that ^…… mhm. Comes in sheer and regular and also in other colors. Hoes go get this please …… Men tell your hoes to go get it, and if you are a free woman then get on your slave alt since I know you have one and GO GET IT.

Enjoy ❤

rosebyname_002redo rosebyname_003redosilk-worms-hipster-camisk-red

Weave:””D!va”” Hair “Layla”
crown and staff:LUAS MERLINA BROWN- The fantasy Room
Bracelets:Enfant terrible. Midsommer Dream Apple
Lamb:Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Lamb –The chapter 4
Camisk:!! Silk Worms !! Hipster Camisk Red NEW
ankles:~Soedara~ Severely Punished Coin Slut Sirik

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