From the Ashes.

fire_001redo fire_002redo


So I have been into some roman roleplay lately that a friend of mines introduced me to recently, and I love it. Being there,  limits the stuff that you can where and yes you thought right I mustered up the perfect outfit for the place if needed. A New too cute two piece from Silk Worms came into play for this one . When my love trippy was Making it , it was in fact before I took the trip to Rome. But when I did this outfit took flight and I fell in love with colors and details of it. She always seems to create the best products in clothes and she always will. <3…… And if you are in to different piece of role play I give my sim Cred to Rome-Rising from the Ashes.

fire_004redo fire_005redo

Weave:[LeLutka]-SEIKO hair/Naturals
necklace:[LeLutka]-JASMINE hair/Naturals
Bracers:!! Silk Worms !! Gacha Bracer salmon light
Teeth:[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
hands:Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture
feet:Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
bangles:[The Forge] Ailida’s Bangles (Silver) (Box)
top and skirt:!! SW!! sway (( NEW))

4 thoughts on “From the Ashes.

  1. Actually, at least in public, people (including slaves) in Ancient Rome wore tunics. To the knees for men and longer for women. Someone suggested once a uniform for just slaves to wear, but they feared that would enable slaves to start another rebellion, like Spartacus had. If you were in rags and barefoot, you were just considered a poor beggar.

    1. So, this is just a blog and you hopping up trying to correct it by commenting on it will only get you X out.So don’t try to demean my post just because its not up to “your standards” I only did this from the enjoyment of the sim and the outfit I put together …. thank you -_-

  2. I think what you did was perfect! I love it. I’ve been there a few times as a slave with a friend of mine. I too wear something similar. I just enjoy the SL experience of making it apart of ‘your reality’ and owning it. You did a great job and I’ll sure to check out the maker. Thanks for the tip and it is very nice of you to reveal everything. Some people like to keep their outfits to themselves as to give that mystery. I enjoy that too, but I do love great advice on new makers! It’s a great way to promote great work. Thanks again! I do hope you enjoy the realm. Most people there are very kind and enjoy the creativity of others. ❤

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