The Coldest Heart of a Bond.


I am posting my life away this month ….. but only because I have great finds to show you all. so this is very post worthy shit I am doing here people!!! ….. but anywho…. my retarded but adorkable brother came out with very cute arm warmers for Christmas from Stitched Gods  and I do love them. They are 100% mesh and is only 200Ls a color …. unless you are thinking of getting the Fatpack then its 750Ls … which is highly recommended by your fellow crazed shopper …((-_- don’t judge me….)). Thank you Dan for allowing me to blog your Arm warmers…….even if I had to kinda beg you …..<3 your face.



Skin: glance
Weave: TRUTH HAIR Genesis – reds
collar: oOXAOo Nubian Princess Collar – 4.0
Arms: [SG] Xmas Sleeve – Snow ((new!!))
top and skirt:[geek.] Fail Outfit [Blue]
Teeth:[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
hands:Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture
bruises ::Little Pricks: You’ve Been Bad
feet:*Nefarious!* Yetti Pufflets White ((not sold anymore))
crown:.Enfant Terrible. Frozen heart gacha ice crown RARE

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