Fuck Prince Charming …… I can save myself!


 Why does every fairy Tale has to go about with a damsel in distress waiting for this over rated prince to come and rescue them? I have been really watching to many Disney movies and so I got this idea of an empowering woman and here it is. This is one snow white that didn’t need to that knight and shining armor to come and save her from that jealous ass witch. But she took it upon herself to save herself ……. and kill that queen  by her damn self with her bare hands  ……. and she did all while looking just as hot in her dress from junbug ((snow White)) NEW at the enchantment fair … not to mention she didn’t get a speck of blood on it. lol Go get the dress it is a must have and check out a beautiful Fair.


snowwhite_004redo snowwhite_003redo snowwhite_002redo

skin: glance
Eyes:{D.A} Nebula Planet
Dagger:Kunai Knife
weave: TRUTH HAIR Genesis – black & whites
Crown:.:GSpot:. Raven-Nell black
teeth:[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
dress:*{Junbug}* Snow White
Blood:Nar mattaru Bloodbath
shoes and feet : *GA* flat feet, shoes chloe sandals
Poses:Vanity Poses – Bad Apple

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