All Bonds do go to Heaven.


Another New cute and sexy Camisk From Silk Worms. Her detailing always gets me and she has done it once again with this one as well. Tippy informed me that she will be coming out with a series of things much cheaper than her regular items, since she was getting of couple of comments that her items were a lil on the expensive side. But just as I told her is that you can’t get her detailing from just anywhere else so every linden spent her stuff is well worth it . This Camisk and the last Camisk I Posted is part of the cheaper items and there will also be more to come. So……. GO GET IT !!

Enjoy the look 🙂

and Shout Out to trippy!! /

superon_002redo superon_003redo superon_004redo superon_006redo

face Chain: aisling Xanthe-N1- Red
collar: [Forge] Banded Collar Onyx, (Gold)
Wings:Two Moons – Angel
Camisk: ~~MO~~ Silken Sweet red ((New))
Arm Bracelets :[The Forge] Boadicea’s Bracelets ((edited))
Blowgun:[EZ] Prowler Blowdart
leg armor:[The Forge] Cadeyrn Leg Armour ((edit))
Feet: GA Tip toe feet

BoW DoWn!!

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