Nothing but the real thing…..


Lookie look!! It is a new camisk From Silk Worms and it is super cute. I was looking for a good slave outfit to post and…. here you go. My favorite part of this camisk is the breast area with the detail of the nipples poking through the fabric of it, giving it a good realistic touch. That chick know she got skills. And yes she is my new sponsor wooooTT!! so you will be seeing plenty of her work on my blog . and its also only 149Ls and is available in many other colors as well, So here is your tarn to get there

ty and enjoy. 🙂

bondinall_001redo bondinall_006redo

Weave: *booN WMO003 hair black/chocolate/purple marketplace
collar: [Forge] Banded Collar Onyx, (Gold) (Box).
shoulder Fur: Color.Me.H.O.F [AnjaFurShoulders] GIFT
Camisk:~~MO~~ Silken Soul Burlap
blowgun:[EZ] Prowler Blowdart
neck makeup:+Nuuna+ Meta makeups
Tattoo: dl:: After the Battle Tattoo

Cuffs and arm bracelets: ~Soedara~ Severely Punished Coin Slut Sirik – Black Hell
Feet: GA Tip Toe Feet
Sim: Realm of Estara

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