The new chic Gor

So. this is what happen when I’ am bored and don’t have nothing to do I go and I shop -_-. But as you can see something good did come of it and I found pieces that I had to show off. Of course you would think that this outfit is not as much gorean as it should be but as I have said before every post always have a story behind it. Maybe she from fresh from earth and threw together what she had with what she got from in for a while lol….. yea I just said that but anywho, I thought that the fit was rather sexy yet cute and badass at the same time. But please take a long and nice look at that head piece… that is my fav from the whole outfit …(( GO GET IT BITCHES!! XD ))… js. Enjoy .                                                      <# waffle love                                      Daisy1FB DaisyHS

skin: Glance
Weave: taketomi, namie_blacks
Headpiece:LaGyo, Winter deer
Face Chain: May’s soul, chain face copper
Collar: oOXA CollarsOo Nubian Princess
Scarf:Peqe, Flowery Jacket_Pink

Blazer: The Secret Store, Structured Blazer – Mint
Undershirt: Color.Me.H.O.F, [AnjaBasicBodysuit[Beige]
Armor:[The Forge] Daerwen Outfit, (Black / Silver)…((edited))
Pants:::C’est la vie!::, cropped trousers(peach)
Feet and Shoes:*GA* shoes chloe sandals ,Flat Bare feet
Glaive: [EZ] Glaive of Ulysses (Gold) .
lips:[HANDverk] Marcial Face Paint

BoW dOwN!!

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