And the wait begins …..

So since every one is doing their post for the fantasy Gacha Fair … which starts Oct.1 btw… but I thought I would throw my 2 cents in the mix as well ……. well more like 10 cent if you ask me. But anyways, There is always a story to a blog post and so for this one …. Lets just say she is excited for the Fantasy Fair and isn’t waiting patiently  for it to come either. My Featured piece that I just adore is the tutu…..yes you can see my twat but ……..((hears heaven voice in her head ….-_- )) but it’s too cute and you can see for yourself. ❤ and enjoy



skin: Glance
weave: boon, ARK554
wind up key: Dirtyland, Dolls rose Key
Tutu: Anni’s, mesh ballerina Tutu ((edited))
Gloves and Mini Hat: [bubble], Cabaret clown
Arm bracelets: [the forge] boadicea’s bracelets
shoes : slink, Ashia Ballet pointe onyx
eye:{D.A} Nebula planet
lips: Black line!!
makeup: +nuunna+ meta (f), triip

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